Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dads and Daughters

I always imagined myself with three boys.  I married a big, tough guy.  God gave us two daughters...God must be crazy.  
Now, I cannot imagine life without Barbies, baby dolls, tears, giggles, more tears, flowers, tutus, smelly stuff...and neither can Will.
Every year, Reagan's school hosts a Daddy/Daughter Dance.  I love that Reagan's earliest memories of dances will be with her dad.  I love that he has the opportunity to teach her how a young man should treat her on "dates."  I love that there is a night at her school devoted to this special bond.  Last night was the night, and after a week of counting down days, it finally arrived...
He surprised her with a corsage.
She loved it!
He gave his littlest one too!  (Thank you God, for florists who remind dads not to forget about the little sister).
He told her they could eat anywhere...she chose the Waffle House.
She enjoyed the dinner...
...and dessert.
And dessert again because dads are cool like that.  This girl is made of sugar!

He came home carrying a sleeping girl in his arms (probably due to hypoglycemic shock).  They had fun and she chatted excitedly about it all morning...good memories.  So, God could be crazy to give us, specifically Will, two daughters or He could just really love us.  He could have known that anyone can raise children, but that it takes a man to raise little girls.

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  1. This is the sweetest! I really hope I'm blessed to be able to see Jack as a dad to a little girl. Love the picture of her eating that chocolate cake b/c you can see Will's reflection in the spoon. Did he do that on purpose? impressive.